DIY Wall Coverings

CreoLite is a lightweight, easy to cut and install rigid 8ft x 4ft sheet suitable for low budget refurbishments of bathrooms walls or generally any surfaces like doors, walls or furniture.
At 1.5mm thick CreoLite is highly durable, impact and water-resistant material that comes in a range of the most beautiful patterns of stone, wood, tiles and other designer subtle or abstract patterns. With multiple sheets you can create continues pattern or a popular book-match pattern.

CreoLite Features

DIY Made Easy

CreoLite is easy to:  cut, shear, punch, drill, nail, rivet, screw, bore, glue, heat-bend and shape.

Easy Application

Our CreoLite decorative sheets are back with 3M, insuring easy and secure application. They are also flexible, lightweight, highly durable and versatile.

Water Resistant and Fire Retardant

Safe for internal and external uses. They are appropriate for endless possibility of uses, from shower rooms to aircrafts to hotel lobbies.